Necklines vs Necklaces: 6 Ideas to Perfectly Pair Them

June 02, 2021 2 min read

Necklines vs Necklaces: 6 Ideas to Perfectly Pair Them


Choosing the perfect accessories can make or break an outfit, and when it comes to necklaces it has everything to do with the neckline you pair it with!

However, most of us don't consider this only until we're stuck looking at our wardrobe wondering what combination works best, resulting either on an endless trying and changing, or if we're running out of time (which is always) just picking the first possibility that comes to mind.

Whether you start with the necklace or top that you want to wear, we're here to help you easily pick out the very best combination!


Idea 01: Halter with a Triangle Shaped Short Pendant

We saw this idea by fashion blogger Chriselle Lim and we think it's absolutely lovely! The lines of the sides of a halter top go up toward your face in almost a triangle shape. So offset this with atriangle shaped pendant pointing down for a perfect balance.



Idea 02: Boat with Bib or Collar Necklace

The curved neckline offers a background and helps support and enhance for the shape of rounder necklaces.

Idea 03: Turtleneck with Medium/Long Chain or Pendant

This is one of the necklines that elongates the most your neck and provides a perfect background for you to decorate! Pair it with a medium or long pendant or chain for a sophisticated look.


Idea 04: Straight Across or Off-Shoulder with Chocker or Collar Necklace

The straight line cut of these necklines are perfect for a minimal look. Keep things modern by pairing them with a chocker or collar necklace that will enhance your skin and collar bones.


Idea 05: Crew with Medium Pendant

Add a bit o bling to this classic go-to neckline with a medium length pendant. The piece will really stand out!


Idea 06: V-Neck with Slim Chain or Pendant

V-neck will always look sweet and effortless with a slim chin or pendant. Don't forget you can also have fun and layer it up!

Bonus Cheat Sheet

To make things easier, we created the cheat sheet below for your reference in times of neckline doubts :) 

Just remember that when it comes to fashion and style, there's no right or wrong. The best choice is always what makes you feel like yourself, comfortable and confident.

Happy pairing, beautiful people!




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