Welcome! We're Martti Ceramic Jewelry.

Designed in collaboration with nature

Clay is our precious material, and we celebrate its expression. Earth, water, air and fire come together in the making process to give form and character to architectural and modern designs. 

Stunning and unique 

Each piece is the result of an irreproducible combination of the artist's hands, the specific batch of clay, the day's temperature and humidity, and the color effects created by the glaze in the firing process. 

The result is wearable sculptures that outline the uniqueness of the women who wear them. 



Our pieces leave a strong impression, but are lighter than they look. Most of our earrings are made to be comfortably worn during extended periods of time, and for larger models we provide butterfly fastening to ensure they stay in the correct position and the weight is evenly distributed.  

Handmade in Brazil with care

We're a proud women-led Brazilian company. We source our materials and providers locally with care and responsibility, and ensure we produce no residues during the making process. 


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